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Unlock Workplace AI's True Potential: Why a Data-Driven Baseline is Key

Generative AI is poised to revolutionize the workplace, McKinsey describes it as the next productivity frontier, with the potential to automate work activities that absorb 60 to 70 percent of employees’ time today.

But before you can fully realize its benefits, you need a clear picture of how work currently happens. Without this baseline, how can you measure AI’s true impact? That’s where Temporall comes in.

The Challenge: Blind Spots in the Digital Workplace

Productivity suites like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Slack are essential, but they offer limited insights into the true flow of work. To measure the impact of AI tools, we need a deeper understanding of how work happens today.

Temporall: Revealing the Anatomy of Work

  • Work Adoption: Track the uptake and utilization of workplace tools at a granular level.

  • Work Patterns: Identify how collaboration occurs and evolves over time.

  • Work Styles: Understand how work styles vary across locations and hybrid models.

  • AI Impact: Isolate the effects of AI add-ons like Microsoft Copilot, Gemini for Workspace, ChatGPT Enterprise, and Amazon Q Business on workplace productivity.

The Power of a Baseline, Measure the Impact of Workplace AI

With a data-driven baseline of work, you can objectively measure change, by comparing workplace productivity before and after AI adoption.

Only then can you objectively see if AI is truly delivering efficiency gains or introducing new complexities.

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Introducing Temporall's AI Insights Foundation

Unlock the true potential of workplace AI with Temporall’s AI Insights Foundation. Designed for customers evaluating or deploying AI add-ons, it delivers these key advantages:

  • Seamless Integration: Leverages your existing Temporall setup for rapid deployment. Start getting insights immediately, without complex implementation.

  • Actionable Historical Insights: Sync and analyze past data to establish baselines for adoption, work patterns, and work styles. This provides a vital reference point to measure AI’s impact with real work metrics.

  • Granular Analysis: Our powerful filtering goes beyond the basics. Compare the impact of AI add-ons with data segmentation across teams, locations, tenure, and more.

  • Adoption Scorecards: Get automated adoption stats on how AI add-ons are integrated into workflows across your productivity suites (Google Workspace, Microsoft 365) and individual services (Gmail, Calendar, Meet, etc.) and how they compare with the baseline.

  • Targeted Enablement: Pinpoint which teams might need additional AI training to maximize their use of AI add-ons and drive greater efficiency.

  • Instant Insights, Flexible Pricing: Foundation Pricing unlocks 2 months of historical and 2 months of production data. Experience Temporall’s benefits immediately, with no ongoing commitment.
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The Bottom Line

AI’s potential is undeniable, but its true impact depends on being able to measure it, to know when, where and how to take advantage of this powerful set of tools.

Temporall helps you bridge the gap, ensuring your AI decisions and investments deliver measurable results.

Look out for Temporall’s AI Insights Advanced, coming June 2024. Workplace AI Log Sync – sync prompt log data; Workplace AI API – access prompt data programmatically with our published schema template, (NB: available if AI-add on vendor provides data access); Workplace AI Dashboards – dedicated Temporall dashboards for AI-Add ons for AI Insights Advanced.

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