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Temporall’s Zoom analytics delivers data driven insights to help you evaluate, deploy, and optimize Zoom.

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Zoom analytics and insights

Since 2020 the widespread adoption of Zoom has led to a tripling of its market share. It is estimated that as many as 500,000 business customers use Zoom, with more than 300M active daily users.

Despite this impressive growth and the expansion of Zoom use it remains difficult to gather meaningful analytics and insights into the true use of this video conferencing product.

Temporall enables companies to measure and track the usage and impact of Zoom at a highly granular level and compare that to other key workplace tools such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco WebEx.

Understand how work gets done!

Product adoption

Measure and track the usage and adoption of Zoom across your company with dashboards, drill-downs, and usage patterns at a granular level, with advanced filtering.

Collaboration & connection

Map how teams work together differently depending on which tools they use ie. across OU, region, country, city, departments. Identify your most productive, connected and engaged networks, and where silos exist.

Network Champions

Identify highly connected and influential colleagues using Zoom and which tools they prefer from everyday interactions with network analysis. Supercharge your change initiatives and grow your group of champions.

Working location

Highlight where and how work differs based on working location and workplace tools. Analyse patterns of work and the trends of teams who work in-office, hybrid or fully remote. Be informed when setting policies.

How does it work?


Easily integrate Temporall to your Zoom instance in a matter of minutes.


Configure your existing identity systems to automatically sync changes made from your identity management provider to Temporall.


Apply access, user, permission management and privacy controls to meet your specific needs - you’re all set.

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Privacy by design

You're in control

Aggregated metadata

Advanced privacy controls

Anonymised settings

Company settings, user roles, and associated admin rights can be easily defined using our platform. Data is gathered from your digital tools, aggregated, encrypted, and only machine read only to ensure privacy. If required, identifiable data can be removed using our anonymization settings.

A single analytics platform for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, Zoom, WebEx and more
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See Temporall in action

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