Multi-cloud digital workplace analytics

Analytics and actionable insights for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, Zoom and Cisco WebEx on one centralised platform.

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Turn your data into high value business insights

Make sense of millions of data points hidden in your everyday workplace tools.

Our multi-cloud AI driven digital workplace analytics platform delivers data intelligence you can act upon, fast.

Advanced digital workplace metrics

Measure how well your key workplace tools are used, track adoption rates.

Understand when and how work happens.

Study 100s of metrics including adoption, message activity hours, meeting trends, demographic usage, and much more. Identify digital friction to drive more efficient use of your tools.

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Organisational network analysis

Use cutting edge network technology to map how your organisation collaborates and connects together. Track key collaboration metrics over time.

Identify your most productive and connected networks, and where siloes exist or are at risk of forming.

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Rich dynamic filtering

Quickly and easily narrow, expand and drill down into your data to find the insights you need in seconds.

Use filters to understand, measure and track the usage, and adoption of various workplace tools at a granular level.

Identify and compare patterns of collaboration between different teams and groups. Evaluate how work gets done differently depending on working location.

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Product adoption surveys

Use Temporall’s in-built survey module and understand your employee workplace tool experience.

Discover where digital friction and opportunities to streamline processes exist.

Get intentional about where to invest in end-user training and change management initiatives using data from your workplace tools and surveys side-by-side.

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How does it work?


Connect your digital workplace tools to Temporall within minutes.


Apply access controls and data thresholds to protect employee privacy.


Generate workplace insights and analytics you can trust and act upon.

Privacy by design

You're in control

Aggregated metadata

Advanced privacy controls

Anonymised settings

Company settings, user roles, and associated admin rights can be easily defined using our platform. Data is gathered from your digital tools, aggregated, encrypted, and only machine read only to ensure privacy. If required, identifiable data can be removed using our anonymization settings.

A single analytics platform for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, Zoom, WebEx and more
ISO 27001 Certified

Brands that love Temporall

With lots of our people working remotely it was incredibly difficult to know how to communicate and deliver change effectively, and understand how new initiatives were being received. Using Temporall, we identified those highly connected people that could help us spread the right information and continue to keep our teams connected.

CEO , FTSE 250

Temporall is a core component of our data strategy. We have created programs to drive up employee engagement, broaden knowledge sharing and maximise opportunities to retain the best talent. All of which have resulted in an increase in eNPS by 7%.

CPO , FTSE 250

The positive correlation between data-driven decision making and business outcomes has been proven countless times. Temporall supports the data-centricity strategy of high performing companies by leveraging, exploiting, and interpreting existing data resources through an intelligent core.

Angela Salmeron,
Future of Work Lead, IDC

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See Temporall in action

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