Multi-cloud Workplace Productivity insights.

Temporall’s data analytics platform delivers the actionable insights you need. We integrate with your productivity suites and data from AI add-ons like Microsoft Copilot, Gemini for Workspace, Open AI’s ChatGPT Enterprise, and Amazon Q Business.

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Turn your data into high value business insights

Measure, Baseline, and Optimize Work Productivity

Temporall transforms data from your productivity suites into actionable work metrics. Our dynamic dashboards and reports help you easily measure, track, and establish baselines for work patterns.

This data intelligence empowers you to make swift, informed decisions. Optimize efficiency with comprehensive usage and adoption insights for both productivity tools and AI add-ons.

Our insights engine unlocks the true value hidden in your data. Accurately quantify the impact of AI add-ons on productivity and make data-driven decisions to maximize ROI.

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Advanced filtering for precision insights

Our powerful filtering engine lets you dive deep into your data. Segment workplace productivity metrics with precision using our proprietary attributes engine, integrating seamlessly with Azure AD, Google Workspace Demographics, Okta, and custom CSVs.

Pinpoint productivity patterns based on factors like: License type, Region, Employee tenure, Working location (office, remote, hybrid)…and more!

Effortlessly narrow, expand, and drill down into your data to uncover the precise insights you need, in seconds.

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Quantify the Impact of AI Add-ons

Isolate the true effects of AI tools on your team’s work. Temporall’s advanced filtering enables you to segment data by license type, allowing for granular analysis of how employees with AI add-ons work differently.

Compare AI-powered vs. traditional workflows to understand if AI truly enhances productivity or introduces new complexities. Identify where AI add-ons deliver the most significant impact, informing strategic investment decisions.

Pinpoint areas where additional training or support could boost AI utilization and ROI.

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Advanced AI Add-on Insights

Temporall is expanding its capabilities to provide even deeper insights into the impact of Workplace AI tools. Here’s what you can expect:

Workplace AI Logs Sync: Sync prompt log data directly from Workplace AI providers, offering a comprehensive view of AI interactions (if those vendors supply the logs).

Temporall Workplace AI API – Prompt Schema: Access prompt data programmatically with our published schema template, enabling custom analysis and integrations. (if those vendors supply the API access)

Temporall Workplace AI Dashboards: Get dedicated dashboards for advanced AI add-on insights, including licensing, usage, collaboration patterns, adoption trends, optional survey integrations, and ROI metrics.

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How It Works:

Seamless Setup, Powerful Insights

Integrate your productivity suite

Connect Temporall with your cloud consoles in minutes. Select API scopes, generate a JSON file, and start the integration.

Gain instant visibility

Sync up to two months of historical metadata for immediate insights and baseline work patterns.

Drill down with powerful filtering

Our attributes engine syncs with Okta, Entra, Workspace, and CSVs. Filter data by license type, location, tenure, working style, for precise analysis.

Configure to match your needs

Customize access, roles, permissions, time zones, workweek settings, and privacy controls for a tailored experience to meet your specific needs.

Measure the impact of AI

Select your AI add-ons (Microsoft Copilot, Gemini for Workspace, ChatGPT Enterprise, Amazon Q Business) to quantify their effect on productivity metrics.

Make data-backed decisions

Unlock comprehensive workplace productivity insights. Explore dashboards, generate reports, and dive into your data with customizable filtering and date ranges.

Privacy by design

You're in control

Company settings, user roles, and associated admin rights can be easily defined on Temporall. Data is gathered from your workplace productivity tools, aggregated, encrypted, and only machine read to ensure privacy. If required, identifiable data can be removed using our anonymization settings.

A single analytics platform for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, Zoom.

ISO 27001 Certified

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Get the Insights You Need:

Contact Temporall for a personalized demo and see how we transform your Workplace data into actionable productivity gains.

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Get the Insights You Need:

Contact Temporall for a personalized demo and see how we transform your Workplace data into actionable productivity gains.

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Book a 30 minute Demo

Get the Insights you Need:

Contact Temporall for a personalized demo and see how we transform your Workplace data into actionable productivity gains.

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