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Global advertising company starts asking the right questions to drive better results

Temporall has helped us track and measure the impact of change on our business performance. Historically we didn't ask the right questions and they weren't regularly supported by meaningful data. Now, not only do we ask the right questions, but more importantly we have the right tools to analyse and truly understand that data on demand.

Chief Executive Officer


Transforming teething problems

With a new leadership team in place and a new vision for the future, the thriving global advertising company wanted to drive fundamental changes to the way the company worked and elected to embark on a large digital transformation project.

However, the leadership team lacked visibility on where to start and where best to focus attention and resources to deliver impactful results.

This industry leader needed up-to-date insights on how work was happening, where it was successful and the elements that were letting it down – particularly in terms of the varied experiences of employees’ day-to-day lives.


Leveraging analytics to transform effectively

Temporall was chosen to improve the leadership team’s visibility on the way work was happening across the company. With Temporall, the advertising giant explored what they deemed the most important factors to the succes of the transformation project, their people and culture.

Temporall delivered powerful insights across three core areas: cultural barriers to change, key drivers of change, and the evolution employee behaviours and attitudes towards their work.

With these insights, leadership could truly understand the opportunities and challenges ahead, and devise data-driven strategies to navigate an impactful transformation with people at its core, including management training programmes, a new innovation framework for change, and a culture warriors network.

Temporall delivered continuous insights to the leadership team so they could measure the impact of their decisions and make ongoing improvements.

5% increase in culture performance

10% increase in technology score

Multiple industry awards





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