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Global retailer gains visibility into working activity

Temporall gave us the visibility into how our key workplace tools were utilised across the company, how many meetings were actually being conducted, as well as how collaboration was happening across different teams, this enabled us to make the necessary adjustments to help our teams work smarter.

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Making decisions in the dark

This global retailer had sustained explosive growth over the previous 5 years, both organically and via acquisition, and has a heterogeneous workplace tooling strategy including the use of Slack and Google Workspace.

The company had no visibility into how these tools were being used and the impact of a meeting culture on their workload. Of particular concern was their use of Slack for communication and collaboration because it had become overwhelming for users.

The lack of data-led insights meant that IT and the data team were in the dark when asked by line of business how work was happening during and post-pandemic. Furthermore, the leadership team was unable to understand the optimal way to communicate to the company.


Insights to form intentional employee experiences

Temporall delivered in-depth analytics and insights in the company’s use of Slack, with detailed breakdown of utilisation by region, country and department.

Analysis of working patterns from Slack adoption and meetings data, revealed how little time was available for most employees to focus and work on their own tasks – ultimately impacting productivity.
These insights allowed the company to develop best practice end-user guidelines of how to use and collaborate on Slack and how to change the meeting culture that had further developed during the pandemic improving the digital employee experience.
Advanced insights into workplace tool adoption and how work gets done has enabled IT to improve technology adoption and effective utilization.
As well as being able to make highly-informed decisions about how their workplace technology was being used, it also enabled the customer to become highly intentional in where and how to improve the employee experience.

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