Temporall named ISG Future Workplace Startup Challenge winner

A panel of experts and live audience at the London ISG Future Workplace Summit overwhelmingly voted for Temporall to win the 2023 Startup Challenge on March 20.

The ISG Future of Workplace Summit in London brought together 150+ decision-makers, from companies including Nike, PepsiCo and Lego in attendance.

Just a few years ago, only a few gave much thought to optimising the workplace. Suddenly it has become ‘make or break’. It’s never been more critical to get it right.

The ISG Future Workplace Summit was the first in London to showcase best-in-class technology and was curated to ensure attendees came away with a new roadmap to level-up their organisation’s workplace for remote, on-site and hybrid employees.

Temporall was one of a handful of selected companies to take part in the startup challenge and showcase the cutting edge of technology in this space.

In a fiercely competitive field, Jazz Hanley, Temporall’s Enterprise Sales Director presented Temporall as a staple in the workplaces of the future and showed how the platform enables leaders to navigate the evolving challenges of modern work.

Jazz said, “The conference revolved around the topic of hybrid working and finding the best practices. However, without the right data, leaders can’t determine what’s best for their organisation. Surveys can offer some insight into how work gets done but they only capture a moment-in-time and biased snapshot of reality. We demonstrated to the attendees that they can leverage the untapped data within their digital workplace to make more informed decisions.”

Alongside Temporall, audience members also heard pitches from MeetingsInn, an online booking tool for the pub and events industry, and Hybrid Healthy, a Microsoft Teams application for collaboration and scheduling. But Temporall, our digital workplace analytics platform that combines data from Slack, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace with employee feedback, was declared the winner with a majority of the audience vote and unanimous backing of the panel.

“Delivering a superior client and employee experience is a key differentiator in the workplace, and one of the core uses of the Temporall platform,” said Iain Fisher, Director, ISG, and co-host of the ISG Future Workplace Summit.

“Our audience members recognised the ability of Temporall to solicit and incorporate employee feedback with other system analytics to build a clear understanding of the digital employee experience.” Read the full ISG Future Workplace press release.

Jazz added, “When you’re introducing a novel service, what you need most is market validation. At Temporall, our clients and partners provide this support however the recognition from ISG takes this to another level. Not only did we garner more than half of all available votes, the judges also unanimously declared us the winners.

Temporall provides a new way of tackling new challenges in an evolving landscape and I’m thrilled to see the audience recognise the opportunity that Temporall presents.”

Watch the winning pitch below.

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