Google Workspace value assessment

Google Workspace is where work happens.

Realise its full transformative and economic power with actionable insights from Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Chat, Meet and employee survey data, in Temporall’s Google Workspace Value Assessment.

Meet the ultimate solution to unleash the full potential of your team's productivity and collaboration.

Unlock the full transformative and economic potential of Google Workspace in just 6 weeks with Temporall’s Google Workspace Value Assessment. Our innovative SaaS solution enables you to rapidly realise the benefits of Google Workspace and get the most from its products and features.

Temporall provides organisations with insights to enhance productivity, efficiency, and growth. The platform delivers actionable answers to questions from enterprises around the world.


  • What products do our teams prefer to work in?
  • How much time do we spend in meetings?
  • How do my teams work together?
  • How can I use real data to understand working patterns and thus define my commercial real estate strategy?
  • Does proximity bias affect our ability to perform at our best?


Advance to the next level of value realisation with data that already exists.

Measure the usage and adoption of Google workspace

Track the usage of Google Workspace products by date range and compare group demographics such as Organisational Unit (OU), Domain, Region, Country, City, Office, Age, Tenure, Level and Working Location.

Drill down by product to see how adoption has changed over time and compare usage across different regions.

Empower healthier and more productive collaboration

Discover how different groups in your organisation collaborate using Gmail to transform the way your team works together.

With Temporall’s collaboration analysis, you can see how different demographics within your business are collaborating and sharing information. And identify potential silos and pockets of disconnection to foster better collaboration and streamline workflows.

Find your internal company champions

Identify your highly connected and influential colleagues from everyday interactions with network analysis.

Grow your network of company and group champions to support your change initiatives. Drive stronger inclusion programmes and encourage cross-departmental and demographic connections.

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Better navigate new workplace patterns

Evaluate how work gets done differently depending on workplace policies, workstyle and location.

Measure the impact of your Google Workspace in this distributed and digital-first environment. And unlock the full potential of remote, hybrid and in-office work.

Give your employees a voice

Use employee surveys to empower your employees to share their opinions of Google Workspace and their wider digital workplace experience.

Combine how your people speak about work with the digital workplace tooling data to get a continuous understanding of where and how to improve digital proficiency.


Leverage Google Workspace and survey data to work together better at a lower cost.


Easily and safely connect Google Workspace and employee survey data to Temporall, including historical data, to start building a picture of its adoption, usage, and impact.


Receive a comprehensive report within 6 weeks detailing what’s working and where to improve tailored specifically to your organisation's unique needs, using data from Google Workspace.


Uncover opportunities that will help you drive your team's performance to new heights. Revolutionise the way your team works with recommendations from Temporall.

Get more from Google Workspace and take your team's performance to the next level.

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Google Workspace is where work happens.

Realise its full transformative and economic power with actionable insights.

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