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Global robotics company finds new solutions to remote work challenges


Post-pandemic remote work challenges

This global robotic automation company encountered a number of new and complex challenges while transitioning to remote work and building a digital workplace strategy.

The company found that in a remote work environment employee demands rapidly changed. Collaboration became harder, isolation was andecdotally on the rise and a sense of connection was lost.

Meanwhile, leadership teams faced a lack of visibility on the everyday employee experience and use of digital workplace technology, so their ability to clearly communicate the changing company vision and navigate new workplace strategies suffered.

Temporall helped bring clarity to our team during this testing time and helped us understand what our people needed to keep stimulated, engaged and feel connected.

Global Head of Talent and Employee Experience


Establishing stronger global networks with data-driven insights

Temporall delivered continuous insights so the leadership teams could measure the impact of their remote work policies on productivity, collaboration, efficiency and the digital employee experience over time.

Since working with Temporall, this company has been able to identify collaboration silos and gain a greater understanding of how teams across the globe stay aligned and connected with network analysis.

These advanced insights were paired with employee pulse surveys to ensure that employees felt seen and that the leadership team had a complete view on how work gets done and any potential barriers to growth in a remote work environment.

As a result, the team was able to make more-informed strategic decisions to keep employees across the globe connected, engaged and empowered to drive growth.

14% increase in company relationship score

33% increase in cross-functional collaboration

Global connectivity program launched





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