Designing a connected future: Why real-time ONA is essential for your hybrid working strategy

Real-time Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) is a map of how your organisation collaborates. It is the most powerful technique to help you understand and build connection throughout your hybrid company.

Connection is critical

The best way to build a strong organisation that is ready to get ahead and stay ahead in the future of work is to put connection at the centre. Connection makes people feel included, and drive towards a common goal. Connection breeds collaboration. Connection builds trust.

However with the future work becoming increasingly flexible and distributed, a sense of connection can often get lost. As a result, many companies are entering an era of disconnection – and this could be devastating.

Leaders who want to prioritise connection in the workplace can help by choosing tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Workplace from Facebook. These virtual communication platforms can encourage employee engagement, transparency and flexibility, while giving space for some fun too. But the analytics are substandard, and leave leaders asking: “What is going on in my hybrid workplace?”

Why real-time ONA must be the basis of your hybrid working strategy

Many leaders now realise that data-driven decision-making is critical to staying nimble, aligned and relevant in a hyper-transient world. Typically, the choice of analytics revolves around outcomes of work, particularly while leaders cannot rely on daily in-person interactions with your teams.

But this means that most aren’t considering – let alone prioritising – team-based insights looking at collaboration and connection, despite research telling us that these metrics are critical for success.

Real-time ONA is an evolving map that shows how communications, information, and decisions flow through an organisation. It’s unique to your organisation and shows you how your teams collaborate and stay connected – wherever and whenever they are working. The advanced level of real-time insight enables you to answer critical questions about your hybrid working strategy.

Temporall’s ONA helps you answer these questions, and more. The real-time mapping allows you to understand the direct impact of decisions in the moment, and stay nimble in your strategic decision-making.

Your ability to make fast, well-informed decisions – particularly during this transitory phase – is the greatest competitive differentiator in the hybrid future of work.

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