What’s new on Temporall? 3 new capabilities for January

We recently released our January 2022 updates our Temporall Platform.

A number of key capabilities were added to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our customers and partners, on one centralised collaboration analytics platform.

After a busy 2021 (take a look at our 2021 Temporall Platform highlights), we’re hitting 2022 with some super useful new capabilities.

Here’s what’s new in Temporall, this month:

1. Insight Intelligence

On Temporall, you can customize the Layout of your analytics, set your view by a number of demographic Filters, Save Views. In the latest update, you can now gather deeper Insights into demographic, metrics and connections in our easy to navigate Network Analysis intelligence panel.

Over the next few months, even more time and effort is going into Insight automation and pattern detection in Temporall.

We are building in third party records data to allow for truly compound analytics into how your organization works, so you can drive better, data-driven outcomes. This is a huge development in our mission to deliver full Organisational Intelligence.

2. Improved Saved Views

We’ve just made your Saved Views a whole lot easier.

We know that your organisation and its needs are totally unique, so your analytics must be unique too. On Temporall, you can configure and edit advanced system and people analytics in dashboards that suit you, and save them for future use by clicking the ‘eye’ (Create, Edit, Save View).

This update allows you to study the metrics that really matter to you right now, drill down into analytics patterns, and directly compare saved views over time, without the hassle of reconfiguration.

3. Better People Analytics Dashboards

Temporall is the only centralised platform that delivers both advanced analytics and reporting for your workplace collaboration tools, and augments this with People analytics. This combination of insight into what people say and what they do helps give a full organisational view, rather than siloed analytics that you get as standard.

In the most recent Temporall release, we’ve made it easier to move between your people and system analytics dashboards. This integration of the People section into our dashboards is a reflection of the importance of a full data canvas to help you improve decision-making.

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