5 Platform Highlights from 2021

Lots of good stuff happened at Temporall this year. Here’s our top 5 Workbench platform highlights.

Over the last 15 years, companies have been sold on the benefits of collaboration. They’ve therefore adopted digital workplace tools to improve teamwork, increase productivity, launch new products faster, respond to customer service needs, and keep employees connected.

But proving the true business value and impact of these tools is very difficult.

That’s where Temporall comes in. For the last 3 years, Temporall has been building the world’s leading collaboration analytics platform, Workbench. Designed to meet the needs of IT, Data Analysts, Business Analysts, People Analysts and Business Leaders, Workbench helps organisations harness data from digital workplace tools to gather unparalleled insights and deliver impactful change in this era of hyper-business-transience.

We turn data from collaboration tools into actionable insights, to help companies respond to and act with faster and more-informed decision-making.

In the ever-changing work landscape, when collaboration matters more than ever before, Temporall customers are able to make these data-driven decisions to deliver critical business outcomes. We believe that this is the competitive advantage for organisations in the changing world of work. We are democratising analytics and our technology helps bring organisational intelligence to teams across the world, regardless of their size or expertise.

1. Organisational Network Analysis

Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) is the most powerful technique on our collaboration analytics platform, Workbench. It maps the collaboration networks within and across your organisation, and can be shown in real-time using live system data (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace from Meta etc.) or using survey data.

Network map showing collaboration across a company, filtered by Department.

ONA is a critical lens for understanding how your organisation actually works together. It can give essential views on isolation, burnout risk, the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion initiatives, your most impactful sales networks, levels of integration during a M&A or for new hires. The possibilities are huge.

This year, ONA on Workbench has had some big updates including multi-demographic filtering of nodes and new layouts to show not just connection networks but who formed the initial engagement.

With 1000s of controls at your fingertips, the opportunity to customise and save your most informative and relevant layouts, and our ability to harness live collaboration data directly from your digital workplace tools means ONA on Workbench is unparalleled in the market. Give it a try. The value ONA can create for businesses is truly staggering.

2. Saved Views

Gathering more data is great but the ability to analyse and interpret that data in the context of your organisation is what really makes the difference.

That’s why, in 2021, we introduced Saved Views on Workbench. Saved Views gives analysts the ability to design customised ONA maps and dashboards relevant to a specific use, break it down by time and apply demographic filters – then save it for fast recall.

Filtering the Topic Sentiment view by Country, Department and Tenure - an example of demographic filtering to be saved for future analysis. 

It makes analysing data quicker, it’s easy to present to stakeholders and it helps you solve real-world problems in the moment.

For example, let’s say that you want to analyse how new hires are integrating with the organisation and collaborating with their teams. Workbench can show you collaboration patterns by tenure and how this changes over time.

3. Advanced Privacy Controls

Privacy is incredibly important to you and to us. We know the value of data and understand why it is so precious to organisations and to individuals. That’s why we have continued our updates of privacy controls on Workbench, ensuring choice and control is in the hands of our users.
Change the Data Threshold to ensure the data privacy for teams of every size and shape.

In order to ensure that Workbench is at the forefront of data privacy best practice for organisations of all shapes and sizes, and companies in regulated industries, we introduced a number of platform privacy enhancements in 2021:

User Management

We added the ability for customers to choose who manages and uses Workbench. There are now 6 roles ranging from Super Admin, Integration Administrator, Administrator to Analyst – the granularity of User Management allows all companies from the mid-market to the largest Global Enterprises to utilise Workbench the way they want to.

Data Threshold

This feature enables you to set your customised data threshold to ensure the anonymisation of survey insights. You can select the minimum number of surveys that must be completed within a segment before scores can be shown for that specific demographic. It’s an important measure to maintain privacy in smaller teams.

Anonymisation of names

Temporall allows you to instantly anonymise data with a platform-wide override of personal names. The name-obfuscation allows any user’s first and last name to be replaced with a dummy name across the whole system. This level of control is incredibly important as it determines how much personal information is available to analysts and fully protects employee identities.

4. Message Activity 

One of the most common symptoms of the pandemic and advent of mass remote work was burnout. While chronic stress was an issue before the pandemic, it came to the fore and rapidly seeped into the everyday lives of people across almost every industry last year.

Largely, this was put down to the ‘always-on’ nature of work, where the ping of a Slack or Microsoft Teams message could come through at any hour. Soon, the lack of proper boundaries, a desire to show engagement combined with our innate need to feel connected to colleagues, and the Instagram-levels of endorphin hits – all in the midst of arguably one of the most stressful and isolating periods in our lives – simply got too much.

Message Activity in digital workplace tools shown over time.
But without the social cues of an office environment and lots of work happening in digital tools, leaders couldn’t see if employees were switching off. As a result, many were oblivious to the burnout crisis bubbling around them. Within this context,  Message Activity on Workbench is a huge platform highlight in 2021. While it is nestled among many other important system usage metrics, the ability for leaders to understand the activity hours in collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Workplace from Meta has been a game-changer.

5. Light Mode… or maybe Dark Mode

At Temporall, we’re all about making things clearer for you. This year, an important part of platform development went beyond the analytics as we worked to further enhance the user experience. I won’t go into the minutiae of it all, but whether you’re a light or dark mode fan, Workbench is built to be informative, clear and look pretty awesome too.

Are you #TeamDarkMode or #TeamLightMode?

Switch between light mode and dark mode at any point.

What's coming in 2022?

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