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Transform your workplace productivity through intelligent, data-backed decisions.
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Transform workplace productivity,
the data-driven way.

AI holds the power to transform how we work. But to realize its full potential, we need to understand how work happens today and where to apply AI, for maximum impact.

Temporall’s insights platform integrates with your productivity suites and AI add-ons. Our work measurement data pinpoints areas for optimization and quantifies the true impact of AI on your productivity – empowering you to make data-backed decisions.

Deliver a 10% improvement in work productivity, at a lower cost.

Cost Management

Manage and maximize your workplace licensing, lower your Total Cost of Ownership.

Work Metrics

Measure work patterns, usage, adoption, collaboration, the impact of AI tools.

Workstyle Patterns

Understand how workstyles vary across locations and hybrid models to support effective collaboration and workflows.

AI Impact

Quantify the true impact of AI add-ons on work productivity for informed decision-making.


Productivity Insights for the AI Era

Billions rely on productivity suites like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Slack, but these tools offer limited visibility into how work truly happens.

This lack of insight makes it difficult to optimize your tools and target AI for maximum impact.

Temporall’s data analytics platform delivers the actionable insights you need.

We integrate with your productivity suites and data from AI add-ons like Microsoft Copilot, Gemini for Workspace, Open AI’s ChatGPT Enterprise, and Amazon Q Business.

Only Temporall provides comprehensive work productivity data analytics for both productivity suites and AI add-ons.

This intelligence empowers you to fully understand how work gets done and precisely measure the impact of AI on your productivity.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Temporall provides the data visibility needed to maximize technology investments and drive AI adoption.

Optimize Software Spend: Right-size software licenses and subscriptions based on true usage patterns.

Boost Adoption & Training: Identify areas where users need additional support for maximum productivity gains.

Drive Effective AI Deployment: Make informed decisions about AI tools that will truly deliver ROI.

Data-Driven IT Strategy: Align technology investments with the real needs and workflows of your organization.

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Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Streamline operations and maximize efficiency across the enterprise. Temporall offers insights to unlock hidden productivity potential.

Proactive Process Improvement: Address productivity dips before they significantly impact efficiency.

Collaboration Optimization: Identify where communication and teamwork can be improved for smoother processes.

Operational Efficiency Gains: Pinpoint workflow bottlenecks and areas ripe for automation.

Resource Allocation: Make informed decisions about staffing and resource needs based on genuine workload data.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Temporall aligns workplace productivity with tangible financial outcomes.

Maximize ROI on Technology: Quantify the true benefit of AI and productivity tools in terms of time and cost savings.

Justify Strategic Investments: Provide clear data to support further investments or adjustments in workplace and AI technology.

Budgetary Control: Optimize software costs and identify potential areas for efficiency savings.

Data-Backed Financial Forecasts: Incorporate productivity metrics into financial models for more accurate forecasting.

Leaders rely on Temporall

Temporall supports companies around the world to transform their workplace productivity through intelligent, data-backed decisions.
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92% of leaders feel that Temporall has improved the efficiency of their digital workplace tools, driving down costs whilst enhancing the employee experience.
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87% of teams say that Temporall has given better insights into their meeting culture leading to a more a productive approach to work.
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88% of Temporall clients better understand the impact of their working policies and digital workplace technologies on social capital and connection.


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