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Since 2018, Temporall has been unearthing insights from the chaos of digital workplace data.

We all know when it comes to data analytics its garbage in, garbage out. So, we built the industry’s leading platform, bringing best-of-breed analytics to tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Slack and surveys to support DEX initiatives.

Part of our ongoing commitment is to continue to bring the very best analytics experience for product analytics e.g. support for MS 365 Outlook Mail / Calendar, Teams, OneDrive and Office analytics, as well as Google Workspace Gmail, Calendar, Drive & Editors. Sounds good right?

Well. Let’s talk about the next level of data analytics, one that delivers even richer analytics and granular data cuts to meet the needs of the enterprise.

Temporall Attributes dashboard
Temporall's updated Attribute Engine

We’re pleased to announce the release of Temporall’s Attributes Engine, with this new set of capabilities Customers can now;

  • Coexist: Integrate attribute data from Azure AD, Google Workspace Demographics, Okta, and even custom CSVs, attributes can work standalone or coexist. Let your data tell a richer story.

  • Select: Choose the attributes that matter the most. Display multi-system attributes and then select which to Sync to; OU and Department from Workspace Demographics, Region and City from Okta, or Manager from Azure AD for example. Tailor your insights to your specific data filtering needs.I
Temporall attributes
Temporall's updated Attribute Engine
  • Integrity: Know your data’s health. See which source systems have matching users, pinpoint incomplete systems and fields, and ensure data accuracy for reliable analytics and precision decision making.

  • Sync: Automatic 24-hour data sync keeps your data fresh. Need it faster? Force a sync anytime.

  • Customize: Go beyond application attributes. Import CSVs to sync cohorts, remote worker status, spun-up teams, or any other filter you dream up. The possibilities are endless.

Millions of data points, one purpose: Decision Intelligence. Drive informed actions with the clarity of accurate, accessible data.

Attributes Engine is available for all Customers with our latest release.

Curious about Temporall? Contact us to discover how Temporall can deliver top-line and bottom-line results for your business.

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