What’s new on Temporall? Winter Round Up 2023

Read about the most recent update to Temporall - your digital workplace analytics platform.

Innovation never stops at Temporall.

We’re continuously investing in expanding our digital workplace analytics platform capabilities to drive more value and business outcomes to our customers.

The most recent GA, released in March, focused on improving the insights our users get across the whole of the organisation and improving the filtering by demographic and tools.

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Filtering just got an upgrade

When analysing how work gets done in your company, it’s important to understand the impact that your decisions and technologies have on different people and teams.

Temporall’s filtering capability is an essential part of this.

Filtering enables users to understand the differences in how work gets done based on different characteristics such as age, gender or ethnicity, their position within the company such as organisational unit, location manager, seniority or tenure, or by domain.

With system-wide application persistence, the Temporall platform empowers users to understand differences in their company at an unfiltered/all data, product and demographic view.

For example, Temporall shows users the difference in Google Workspace adoption rates by a range of characteristics, including age. This is an essential view for analysts looking to understand the lagging and leading groups in the technology adoption process and therefore drive targeted internal adoption and maturity training and campaigns.

Our platform empowers you to dive into how work gets done differently across your company and make better data-driven decisions to lead change. Users can view all the cards by all data, or broken down by a number of filters.

Stronger insights on the impact of working across time zones

Modern organisations, their employees, clients, and partners, can operate across multiple time zones. We have digital workplace technologies like Google Workspace, Slack and Microsoft 365 to thank for that, and it’s only becoming easier for distributed workforces to thrive.

However, while many welcome the distribution of work across the world and therefore time zones, there is often difficulty in understanding how this impacts how work gets done.

Temporall allows users to understand how work gets done in different digital workplace tools, across different time zones, viewable by user and by city.

Improvements to Slack activity analytics

Temporall’s Slack activity analytics dashboards have been updated to better reflect active usage within Slack.

To avoid teams appearing to always active simply due to having Slack open in an app or tab, Temporall has always equated the active time to actual activities.

Based on the patterns we’ve seen from active customers on the platform and customer feedback, these times have been updated to reflect the real activities of Slack users. Now, a post, read and reaction have new assigned time equations.

Refocusing on focus time

Understanding the amount of time people have to focus on their individual work and projects is essential after the rise of hyper-collaboration throughout the pandemic.

While collaboration is the backbone of many successful organisations, screen fatigue, meeting overload, and message notifications can damage how work gets done and the employee experience.

Temporall’s focus time card allows users to understand how much time different parts of the organisation have to focus. Recent updates in March have made this more user-friendly and ground the insights in minutes and hours rather than a percentage.

Improvements to Microsoft and Google email activity dashboards

The email inbox is a place where people connect and communicate.

Temporall’s email activity dashboards have been updated in March to better reflect the common activity patterns we’ve seen in our customers and to implement feedback from our users. Now, new times have been assigned to when an email is read, replied to, and when this becomes a connection.

This feature on the Temporall platform helps you understand if certain groups are anomalous, either with a particularly high connection score or low. It empowers users to understand the communications culture of different teams and demographics within the organisation.

For example, a Temporall customer recently discovered that young employees within the organisation had a much higher connection score on email and were replying to emails long into the evening, showing as active beyond their assigned working hours.

Google Meet added to Temporall’s Google Workspace analytics offering

Google Workspace is a hub for collaboration and communication, regardless of when or where your teams work. It’s where people from all over your company, all over the world, can come together to get work done.

A significant feature of this is Google Meet. And the Temporall platform now includes Google Meet analytics as part of the Google Workspace analytics offering.

Temporall delivers powerful analytics dashboards that enable you to measure the frequency, distribution attendance and location Google Meet events. With dashboards split between Users and Events, Temporall is uniquely positioned to show how work gets done.

Full Google Workspace update coming soon.

Temporall is just getting better.

Our recent update includes a number of new features as well as a series of upgrades to existing capabilities.

These are just some of the highlights that we know will deliver further value to our clients and empower them to accelerate growth.

We’d love to show you how this can meet your unique needs and help you navigate the future of your digital workplace.

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