What’s new on Temporall? January 2023

Innovation never stops at Temporall.

We’re continuously investing in expanding our digital workplace analytics platform capabilities to drive more value and business outcomes to our customers.

2023 is no different. And it’s a huge year for us as many companies turn to digital workplace analytics to help them make sense of their changing working environment.

Our first platform update of the year is really exciting and Temporall is packed full of capabilities that bring you powerful insights on your digital workplace and enable you to accelerate growth.

Want to see the Temporall platform for yourself?

Even more dynamic cards in Dashboards

In January, a series of new dynamic cards were made available on the Temporall dashboards.

As part of the multi-cloud analytics overview, the cards empower users to understand trends in the way that work gets done across the organisation in digital workplace tools including Slack, Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

The new cards show how these digital workplace collaboration tools build social connection across different company demographics including by department, tenure, job title and more. Importantly, the cards are fully dynamic, to enable Temporall users to filter and sort each column.

Insightful new layout in Networks

Temporall Networks now has two main views, the classic Graph view that shows lines, nodes and connection across the organisation, and now Table view.

This new fully configurable dynamic view of networks enables users to understand broker score, connector score, network density, relationships and relationship strength.

It is a clear and quick way to understand connection across the organisation and changes over time and are fully filterable at a User and Demographic level, and are sortable by column heading.

A colour palette that makes your data sing

It’s a new year and a new colour palette for Temporall in 2023.

As part of our continued effort to improve the UI and UX of the platform, the colour palette has been updated to more web and user-friendly hues that are compelling and clear for the end-user.

This is designed to be more visually appealing for Temporall users as we see an increase in customers relying on Temporall charting to inform critical business meetings, reports and presentations, showing stakeholders how work is happening and changing over time.

Temporall is just getting better.

Our January update includes a number of new features as well as a series of upgrades to existing capabilities.

These are just some of the highlights that we know will deliver further value to our clients.

We’d love to show you how this can meet your unique organisational needs and help you navigate the future of your digital workplace.

Contact us to see how our Digital Workplace Analytics platform can help you drive better business outcomes.

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