What’s new in Temporall? October 2023 update

Read about the most recent update to Temporall - your digital workplace analytics platform.

We’re on a mission to help IT leaders and their end-user computing team deliver data driven insights – to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and boost productivity.

Autumn has been a busy time for our engineering and product teams and we’re excited to bring you an update on some of our key platform releases.

Our two most recent releases include updated collaboration and connection metrics, and support for multi-domains.

Measure collaboration and connection

Temporall has had collaborations and connection analytics in the platform since 2020 but we’ve recently super-charged our metrics and trend analysis. Customers can now analyse not just the volume of collaboration on Email systems like Google Workspace Gmail, and Microsoft 365 Outlook Mail (using Network Analysis) but we now offer the percentage of change over any given period of time (by date filter) as well as visualising the trending of this.

By adding this functionality companies can measure both collaboration and connection in and across any company demographic (Region, Country, Office, Departments, Tenure or if working Office, Hybrid or Remote, Merger & Acquisitions) at a highly granular level.

Temporall Netwrok dashboard
Analyse collaboration visualisation, metrics, and trends using network analysis, in this example between Departments, over the last 30 days.

Support for multiple domains

Companies often use multiple domains within their companies, perhaps for different brands or companies within a portfolio.

Temporall has the most advanced data analytics filtering capabilities in the market. We interoperate with identity tools like Okta, JumpCloud, Azure AD, Google Identity Services to name a few. In fact we support any SCIM 2.0 enabled tool, we use this to power our filtering.

One of top ‘asks’ from enterprise customers has been for Domain Filtering, well here it is. Customers can now select which of their company’s domains they want to include or exclude in Temporall. We now offer the flexibility to allow Customers to also Filter by Domain.

domain filter pop-up

Temporall is just getting better.

By adding these two new features and making them flexible to meet the needs of our customers we’re confident the time to value realisation on Temporall has just got even faster!

We’d love to show you how this can meet your unique needs and help you navigate the future of your digital workplace.

Contact us to see how our Digital Workplace Analytics platform can help you drive better business outcomes.

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