What’s new in Temporall? May 2023 update

Read about the most recent update to Temporall - your digital workplace analytics platform.

Innovation never stops at Temporall. We’re continuously investing in expanding our digital workplace analytics platform capabilities to drive more value and better business outcomes to our customers and partners.

This recent release focuses on bringing even more to users with updates to filtering, tracking how collaboration and connection changes over time, and the Networks UX.

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Powering up Filtering

Temporall is known for being able to provide our customers with an unparalleled depth of insights, we’ve taken that one step further with new Integration Filters.

You can now select to view data from single or multiple integrations.

For example, customers can select to analyse data from Microsoft Outlook Email, Calendar, or Teams, or choose any combination of analysis from Google Workspace Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Drive. Granular level Integration Filtering is persistent across Overview, Dashboards, and Networks including all navigation controls.

Collaboration analysis just got an upgrade

Networks are designed to help companies measure connection and collaboration. We have now added the ability for users to see how key collaboration metrics change over time and in any demographic.

Whether you’re looking to understand how collaboration occurs in different OUs, Regions, Countries, Cities or Offices, you can now see how this changes over time across Average Connections, Average Connection Strength, and Network Density.

The platform quickly allows you to identify collaboration trends at a granular level all on the fly.

Extended Network Analysis

Our goal is to democratise digital workplace analytics, to make it accessible, intuitive and easy to generate high value insights that drive tangible business outcomes.

To that end we’ve added the capability to view Networks with Email and now Calendar data. Users can now choose to view Network data from one or both of these services, be that Gmail and Calendar from Workspace, or Outlook Mail and Calendar in Microsoft 365.

Temporall is just getting better.

Our recent update includes a number of new features as well as a series of upgrades to existing capabilities.

These are just some of the highlights that we know will deliver further value to our clients and empower them to accelerate growth.

We’d love to show you how this can meet your unique needs and help you navigate the future of your digital workplace.

Contact us to see how our Digital Workplace Analytics platform can help you drive better business outcomes.

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