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Digital Workplace

The digital workplace is the foundation of modern work. It’s the set of tools and technologies that companies use to get work done, regardless of location. From email, calendaring to video conferencing, content editing and file sharing, they are essential for enabling companies to perform work with efficiency and effectiveness.

Digital Workplace Analytics

Digital Workplace Analytics is built to serve the needs of IT leaders and their end-user computing (EUC) teams (IT Operations, Application Managers, Information Systems Managers, leaders in Systems Engineering, Productivity & Collaboration product owners).

It is the process of collecting and analyzing data about how companies use their workplace tools over time. These tools include Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, Zoom, and Cisco WebEx. They are utilized by hundreds of millions of users at companies, every day.

The key advantage of using digital workplace analytics for IT/EUC professionals, and their key business stakeholders, is to bring more certainty to their decision-making, using data-driven insights.

Despite their popularity and pervasive use, application administrators of these tools suffer from inadequate data analytics at a console level, only being able to access standardized usage metrics of limited scope and value.

Companies can, of course, choose to extend these metrics by building custom applications and/or custom widgets via the source system’s APIs. These can then be used to interoperate with existing Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as Looker Studio, Tableau, and Power BI for example. However, this approach is burdensome, being resource intensive and costly to build and maintain.

Temporall’s Digital Workplace Analytics

By using digital workplace analytics from Temporall’s platform, IT leaders benefit from centralized and automated data intelligence. Temporall delivers data-driven insights at a granular level to identify areas in their companies where efficiency gains, and work effectiveness improvements, can be made.

Our mission at Temporall is to help companies realize the full economic and transformative value of their digital workplace tools by empowering companies to bring more certainty to their decision making, using data they already own.

Bottom-line value realization: efficiency gains

Key use cases where digital workplace analytics delivers bottom-line results include;

  • Which applications and features are most widely adopted? This information can help IT leaders make more informed decisions about which software and licensing plans to invest in.

  • Which applications are underutilized? By analyzing and comparing which applications are used the least, IT leaders can identify opportunities to reduce and/or eliminate licensing costs, or reallocate resources to support more popular applications.

  • Which of my offices and rooms are being put to use? Location-based data intelligence can help IT leaders support company decision making on working policies and property strategy.

Top-line value realization: improve work effectiveness

Temporall’s digital workplace analytics can also be used to improve the effectiveness of teams who use digital workplace tools. By gaining visibility and measuring work interaction, both patterns and trends, work optimization can be undertaken. Key use cases that delivers top-line results include;

  • Improve collaboration: By analyzing and tracking how teams collaborate and where this differs across an organization, IT leaders can identify opportunities to improve the way teams work together, and with their external constituents.

  • Enhance productivity: By analyzing how users invest their time, IT leaders can identify opportunities to enhance company-wide productivity, such as reducing meeting overload, or understanding the extent of tooling overuse on users’ focus time during the working day.

  • Reduce digital friction: By analyzing which applications are causing problems for which teams, IT leaders can improve the user experience by guiding end-user training and change management resources to where they are most needed.

  • Make information flow visible: By analyzing how a company interacts, IT leaders can identify opportunities to improve knowledge sharing and communication dissemination.

  • Identify networks: By mapping your company’s networks and network champions, IT leaders can identify the most productive networks, and its most influential users.

Temporall: our platform

Temporall provides the market’s leading digital workplace analytics platform.

The platform includes best-of-breed analytics for individual workplace tools (single-cloud product analytics, under a Basic Licensing plan, including Google Workspace and Microsoft 365). Usage and adoption data can also be combined to deliver multi-cloud data insights under a Pro Licensing plan. You can compare the usage and adoption of each tool to one another at an application level e.g. Mail, Calendar, Video Conferencing (VC). For example, comparing how a company uses Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, should they co-exist, or if one is being intentionally deprovisioned over time.

Furthermore, Temporall will be available to use as an extensible data aggregator, being licensed for use with data being accessed via proprietary APIs. 

This augments the value of Temporall by enabling existing data-sets to be consumed more broadly across a company’s BI initiatives securely, and at scale.

This is made available under a Enterprise License plan which includes multi-cloud integrations. Temporall’s Enterprise plan will be available later this year.

Summary of platform functionality

  • Data intelligence platform that can be used to analyze multiple digital workplace tools at a granular level to understand how they are used for work, via dynamic dashboards.

  • Network analytics transforms data from workplace tools including Mail, Calendar, and Virtual Communications (VC) applications into network visualizations and interaction metrics.

  • Reporting can be used to create and save data insights reports, these can be shared and accessed with other platform users and with other business stakeholders more broadly across an organization.

  • Temporall interoperates with identity management and HRIS providers. By supporting SCIM 2, it facilitates the automation of account provisioning.

  • Schedule and deploy end-user surveys directly in the platform, using pre-built dashboards, sentiment and topic analysis, to gather and measure employee feedback.

  • Extensible data platform enables the consumption of data sets via proprietary APIs for data to be consumed into existing Business Intelligence (BI) initiatives, available later in 2023.

Please get in touch to understand more about how Temporall can deliver top-line and bottom-line results for your business.

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