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US technology leader deliver collaboration analytics

We were able on the spot to prove where levels of collaboration had increased and decreased across our departments over the past year, being able to have these insights on the fly and shareable to our executive team has been a game-changer

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Understand how work happens across teams and departments

This customer was looking for insights into how technology was being used across the company during rapid growth and where this could be optimised to help employees become more efficient and effective at work.

Technology rollout had been delivered with no end-user training hence the end-user experience had become chaotic with no guidelines set for how to use the tooling for maximum efficiency.

Furthermore, there was a high degree of skepticism that allowing the company to operate fully remote under their company’s updated working policy would not impact their business to continue its successful culture of collaboration. The company’’s IT leadership approached Temporall with the goal to bring critical insights into their workplace tooling adoption and to deliver collaboration analytic to support key concerns of the executive team with a particular emphasis on which teams were collaborating effectively and where possible silos existed within and across the organisation.


Mapping collaboration excellence using Network analysis

Since working with Temporall this company has been able to identify how their key workplace tools including Slack are utilised across the company.

Temporall insights delivered from workplace metrics allowed the company to audit their use of Slack and to help them clean up both inactive and duplicate channels as well as developing end-user guides of best practices around technology adoption.

Using Temporall Network analysis the company was able to make visible how collaboration happened across various teams and departments, including that work between Engineering and other lines of business hadn’t been negatively impacted by their workplace strategy. This was a key insight IT was able to deliver back to the executive team.

Slack utilisation audit

Collaboration analytics

Identified organisational silos





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