Turkish consultancy Wasistdas sign as a Temporall Business Partner

Temporall is thrilled to announce Wasistdas is the newest member of our global partner program.

Wasistdas is a boutique business development and consulting firm working to generate tech-forward, value-generating business solutions with a focus on digitalisation.

With its dedicated team of cross-discipline professionals and extensive international network, Wasistdas delivers a management system that establishes a positive feedback loop between ideation, execution and deliberation phases of a project, striving to continually improve services and keep them relevant to the needs of an ever-changing world.

Our partnership will enhance Wasistdas’ organisational diagnostics and analytics capabilities at every stage of their delivery, ready for the new and extensive consulting challenges that decentralised digital workplaces are creating.

Omer Babaoglu, Wasistdas Partner and Director of international projects, talks about the partnership:

As Wasistdas, we are constantly searching and analysing novel digital solutions to changing business needs. Our aim is to identify advanced digital solutions that deliver high-value, data-backed insights about organisations and consumers. In this light we are delighted to partner up with Temporall, who we think represent the best in class solution when it comes to real-time AI-based Organisational Intelligence and diagnostics. Wasistdas will harness the power of Organisational Intelligence and our AI platform, Workbench to gather real-time, data-driven insights into how client organisations are really working. This will help leaders overcome the next big challenge of accurately measuring performance and clearly gauging company culture in remote, digital work environments.

Thomas Davies, Temporall CEO and Founder, adds:

This partnership with Wasistdas is incredibly exciting. It sees the further expansion of our global partner program and I look forward to Wasistdas delivering the forward-thinking, real-time Organisational Intelligence that our AI platform Temporall provides. Start working with Wasistdas now to benefit from real-time Organisational Intelligence and their years of expertise, so you can make informed decisions in the future of work.

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