tooling usage and adoption

Measure digital workplace tooling usage and adoption trends.

Temporall’s digital workplace analytics enables companies to drive productivity and efficiency improvements with a more intentionally designed tech stack.

Measure usage and adoption trends across your digital workplace. Prioritise and redesign your tools usage for better productivity, collaboration and digital employee experience. Use the right tools in the most efficient way to get work done.

Goodbye guesswork. Hello intelligence.

Temporall enables you to continuously assess the usage, adoption and impact of your digital workplace tooling so you can realise the full transformational and economic value.

Discover the data-driven, actionable insights to empower real change that does good for you and your company.

Unify your digital workplace data in one place.

Connect Google Workspace, Slack and Microsoft 365 to Temporall to get a single or multi-tool overview of usage and adoption across your company.

Measure the impact of your tooling on productivity, collaboration and the digital employee experience.

Drive greater adoption.

Target and track digital workplace tooling usage and current adoption rates.

See which employees, teams, roles and locations require a more targeted approach to promote greater adoption rates.

Deep dive into your most crucial tools.

Measure the value of what you have, identify inconsistencies between your licensing and usage, and optimise what’s truly needed.

Use Temporall’s detailed usage and participation data to buy and renew only the licenses you need.

Work smarter. Not harder.

Stop sinking time and money into inefficient workplace practices and flipping between tools.

Instead, use the right tools to get the best results from your teams.

Read James's story

James, an IT Director at a rapidly expanding IT company, joined the team when it had fewer than 50 employees. Over the last five years, the company experienced remarkable growth.

This growth brought additional team members, technology, and demands. Soon, the CIO and CFO urged James to reduce costs due to an impending global recession.

After holding multiple meetings with senior leadership, the IT team, and focus groups across the organization, it became evident that there was no straightforward solution. Everyone appeared to rely on all of the workplace tools they had access to.

However, James believed that there must be opportunities to eliminate tech inefficiencies and optimize his budget. That’s when he discovered Temporall.

Temporall consolidated data from the company’s digital workplace, enabling James to observe usage and adoption trends. He quickly noticed that the company was divided between those who primarily used Gmail for communication and those who favored Microsoft Teams. James could now correlate tool usage behaviors with KPIs and determine which platform genuinely empowered teams to excel.

James felt a sense of relief. Temporall had removed the guesswork from his decision-making process and allowed for more purposeful planning.

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Only 45% of company apps are being used on a regular basis.

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Effective use of digital workplace tools can increase productivity by 35%.

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Effective use of digital workplace tools can allow for 36% more time for creativity and productivity.

How does it work?


Connect your digital workplace tools to Temporall within minutes.


Apply access controls and data thresholds to protect employee privacy.


Generate workplace insights and analytics you can trust and act upon.

Temporall’s privacy-minded approach combines metadata from your digital workplace systems: messaging, collaboration, CRM and work management tools, to bring you unrivalled insights into your digital workplace.

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Contact Temporall for a personalized demo and see how we transform your Workplace data into actionable productivity gains.

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