Temporall announces new way for companies to realise full transformative and economic value of Google Workspace

Today, Temporall is disrupting the industry again with the launch of the Google Workspace Value Assessment - a new way of realising the full transformative and economic value of Google Workspace at your company.

Built for companies at any stage of their Google Workspace deployment, Temporall’s Google Workspace Value Assessment enables users to optimise Google Workspace and unleash its full power to drive success.

Combining data from the whole Google Workspace suite – Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Meet, with Spaces Chat coming soon – the framework is a powerful way for companies to measure the adoption, usage, and impact of Google Workspace, enabling you to extract maximum value from the technology investment.

The Google Workspace Value Assessment, delivered on the Temporall platform by the Temporall team or Temporall Partner within 4 weeks, empowers a new level of understanding in how work gets done in the digital-first world. It provides powerful analytics into product adoption and usage, collaboration, network champions, meetings, and the impact of working location.

It is a comprehensive assessment that delivers continuous, AI-driven insights, fully-filterable by date and groups including Organisational Unit (OU), Domain, Region, Country, City, Office, Age, Tenure, Level, and Working Location.

With Temporall, users are able to make better data-driven decisions about work. And for the first time, Google Workspace users will access powerful analytics for both Google Workspace and co-existing tools including Microsoft 365 and Slack, to compare usage and business impact.

“Temporall’s Google Workspace Value Assessment marks an important milestone in our evolution,” said Thomas Davies, Temporall CEO, and Founder. “Since 2006, Google Apps, GSuite and now Workspace customers have lived with an inability to understand the value and impact of their investments beyond monthly active users. Today, Temporall is providing the solution.

We provide the most comprehensive suite of analytics and insights for Google Workspace, built to empower our customers to realise the full transformational and economic potential of Google Workspace and enable our partners to deliver powerful intelligence for their clients.”

Temporall currently has a number of deployments in place with brands in Europe, the US, and Asia Pacific across a variety of industries. The global cross-industry solution is a fast, dynamic and low-cost opportunity for Workspace customers to get a better picture of the way work is happening across their whole organisation, to make data-driven decisions that empower impactful change.

Key benefits of Temporall’s Google Workspace Value Assessment

Measure the usage and adoption of Google Workspace

Track the usage of Google Workspace products by date range and compare group demographics such as Organisational Unit (OU), Domain, Region, Country, City, Office, Age, Tenure, Level, and Working Location. With the ability to drill down by product, you can see how adoption has changed over time and compare usage across different regions, e.g. see how US and UK adoption compares.

Work together better at a lower cost

Drive greater adoption by highlighting where digital friction exists for end-users and where best to target end-user change management resources and initiatives. Optimise your spend on Google Workspace to save costs, reduce context switching and improve both productivity and the digital employee experience.

Empower healthier and more productive collaboration

Discover how different groups in your organisation collaborate using Gmail to transform the way your team works together. With Temporall’s collaboration analysis, you can see how different demographics within your business are collaborating and sharing information. And identify potential silos and pockets of disconnection to foster better collaboration and streamline workflows.

Discover the value of Google Workspace vs. your other workplace tools

Analyse the impact of Google Workspace on communication patterns, digital employee experience and productivity. And compare with Microsoft 365 and Slack. Build a digital workplace that works in harmony to drive better business outcomes and save licensing costs.

Find your internal company champions

Identify your highly connected and influential colleagues from everyday interactions with network analysis. Grow your network of company and group champions to support your change initiatives. Drive stronger inclusion programmes and encourage cross-departmental and demographic connections.

Better navigate new workplace patterns

Evaluate how work gets done differently depending on workstyle and location. Measure the impact of your Google Workspace in this distributed and digital-first environment. Unlock the full potential of remote, hybrid and in-office work.

Give your employees a voice

Use employee surveys to empower your employees to share their opinions of Google Workspace – and their wider digital workplace experience.

Combine how your people speak about work with the digital workplace tooling data to get a continuous understanding of where and how to improve digital proficiency.

Reduce disruptive meetings

Build an organisational view of your meetings and filter to compare across your different groups e.g. departments and timezones. With metrics on the frequency, distribution and attendees of meetings from Google Meet and Calendar, reduce unnecessary meetings, protect against meeting fatigue, intentionally build in focus time to drive continuous improvement.

It's time to realise the full economic and transformative value of Google Workspace.

With Temporall’s Google Workspace Value Assessment, leaders can wave goodbye to the guesswork that has dominated Google Workspace deployment and optimisation strategies for the last 15 years and say hello to better, data-driven decision-making.

It’s time to realise the full transformative and economic value of Google Workspace.

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