Temporall Announces AI Impact Assessment for Duet AI for Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 Copilot

Temporall AI Assessment

The buzz and excitement about AI is at an all time high. Today few technology and business leaders haven’t heard of OpenAI, ChatGPT, Large Language Models (LLMs) including Llama 2, Bard, and Claude 2, or perhaps the company Hugging Face.

That said, many companies have yet to commit to, and invest in, dedicated research & development into AI and its use in their businesses.

The first step into AI? Generative AI.

Generative AI Tools (GenAI) is the first step into AI for a majority of companies regardless of industry or country. Why? Simply put, there is no AI research & development (cost and resources) required to get going. GenAI powered tools are accessible as they are being embedded into existing tools that people love and use every day, like Google Workspace.

Digital workplace tools, like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are used by 100s of millions of users every day to get work done. Both Google Cloud and Microsoft are ‘AI-enabling’ their existing desktop and mobile messaging and collaboration tools to help companies deliver efficiency and productivity gains.

Duet AI for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 Copilot are their efforts to bring GenAI to the user, in situ, to help them transform how they work.

Falling at the first hurdle.

We’ve engaged with dozens of companies who are currently evaluating Duet AI for Workspace, and Microsoft 365 Copilot under a Trusted Tester programme. For a majority, five common issues remain;

  1. Very few companies start with identifying real pain points or specific business outcomes they are looking to evaluate the programme’s success against – it is technology and feature led, not designed to measure the impact of targeted high value business outcomes.
  2. The Trusted Tester (TT) programme is restricted to 50-100 participants – this vastly under represents the total user population and therefore the validity of the evaluation’s findings.
  3. There is limited analysis of who should be included as a Trusted Tester – we see little consistency in how participants are asked, or selected, to be included – thus missing out on the opportunity to get highly intentional in selecting who should be engaged as a Trusted Tester
  4. Very few conduct pre-training or enablement sessions on either the potential benefits of the tools or how to maximize its functionality – most companies are taking an approach of ‘let’s see what happens’.
  5. They are using basic surveys to capture user feedback about the experience of using Duet and Copilot, as well as the perceived benefits.

    As a result of these issues, even though the perceived value of these powerful GenAI tools is transformative, and despite millions of users and thousands of companies investing in these evaluations, we are seeing very low conversion rates from Trusted Tester evaluation to a wider rollout.

So what’s the plan?

The reality we hear from customers is that Trusted Tester evaluations do not produce a strong enough business and financial justification for further investment.

Remember these tools are not free, they are additional SKUs that are chargeable under existing agreements and need to demonstrate a demonstrable Return on Investment (ROI).

The way many companies are evaluating Duet AI for Workspace and Microsoft 365 Copilot is unoptimised by design – it lacks the objective data-driven measurement on the impact of these tools on how everyday work gets done. The current approach used by many simply does not stack up to meet the needs for financial sign-off.

Building the Business Case for GenAI - Temporall’s Impact Assessment

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of Temporall’s Impact Assessment for Duet AI for Workspace, and Microsoft 365 Copilot.

The Impact Assessment is a solution that has a number of unique capabilities and deliverables that are designed to help companies evaluate and measure the impact of their evaluations. It is intended to generate objective data-driven insights to support a business case for investing (or not) in Duet AI for Workspace and Microsoft 365 Copilot.

The Impact Assessment can be used by companies who have already started their Trusted Tester programmes – to bring a data-led insights upgrade – and is also there to help businesses evaluate Duet AI for Workspace or Microsoft 365 Copilot for the first time.

Temporall’s digital workplace analytics platform integrates to both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 (and other digital workplace tools) and provides best of breed analytics for both, we’re well placed to bring you our Impact Assessment.

Impact Assessment. What’s Included?

Temporall’s Impact Assessment is conducted over 45 days and includes the following:

  1. Access and Licensing of Temporall’s Digital Workplace Analytics platform for 45 days.

  2. Supported by Temporall or Partner-led Services to deliver the Impact Assessment.

Impact Assessment. What’s involved?

Step 1: Create the Baseline

To understand the impact of the new tools we first need to understand the baseline, a fixed point of reference of how a company uses their digital workplace tools today before GenAI has been introduced.

  • Integrate Temporall to your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 instance.

  • Ingest up to 90 days of historical data including, for Google Workspace (Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Drive & Editors), for Microsoft 365 (Outlook Mail, Calendar, MS Teams, OneDrive and Office).

  • Baseline usage report generated to provide insights as to the current use and adoption of either tools across your organization at a granular level.
Integrate to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365

Building the Business Case for GenAI - Temporall’s Impact Assessment

Step 2: Recommended Participants

Instead of including a random selection of participants, we take a more intentional approach. Using Temporall’s Digital Workplace Analytics platform we identify teams and individuals who are product champions and influencers: they are more active users of digital tools and can provide more robust feedback on tool usage and impact.

  • Identify who in your organization could / should be involved in the Trusted Tester.

Step 3: Comparative Analysis

Using analysis of adoption and usage data from Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 we evaluate the impact of Duet AI or Microsoft 365 Copilot on the workforce.

We compare activity, collaboration and working patterns of the two cohorts: Trusted Testers and non Trusted Testers to provide an analysis of how the adoption of these Gen AI tools has directly impacted activity, utilization, and levels of collaboration/connection.

This analysis is provided at a granular level, sample examples below:

  • Has the uptake of Drive & Editors from the Trusted Testers in the Marketing team in the London office lead to a decrease in their Gmail activity?

  • Has there been a change in Meeting volume, levels or average participant levels from Trusted Testers?

  • Are Trusted Testers moving to work in a more asynchronous fashion?

  • Are new connections being formed by Trusted Testers compared to the rest of the company?

  • Do our Trusted Testers have more focused time for work now they are using these tools?
Meeting dashboard
Measure the impact on Meetings of using Duet AI for Workspace / Copilot

Step 4: Surveys Trusted Tester Participants

In addition to the quantitative comparative analysis in Step 3, the Impact Assessment includes a qualitative approach to bring understanding to how much value Duet AI and Microsoft 365 Copilot brings. Temporall has an in-built survey engine and we have created a custom Impact Assessment Survey specifically for evaluating end-user feedback of using Duet AI or Microsoft 365 Copilot in a Trusted Tester programme.

Schedule a Duet AI for Workspace Survey for Trusted Tester Participants

Our Impact Assessment Survey has been designed by behavioral scientists to elicit the perceived benefits and effect of the tools on their levels of productivity (e.g. speed of work), and efficiency (e.g. task automation/completion), as well as capture free text comments.

Answers to a short survey for Trusted Tester participants are transformed by Temporall into metrics, as well as sentiment and topic analysis of free text answers.

*Please note custom surveys are available at an additional cost.

Step 5: Impact Assessment Report

Our Impact Assessment Report provides a detailed analysis of the tool’s use (e.g. Email, Calendar, Meetings, Content Editing) and working patterns over a 45 day period of Trusted Testers, this is compared to the rest of the organization. It provides a level of detail that will help enablement, training and change management teams know where teams need the most product and adoption support.

It gives quantitative and qualitative data insights on the use of Duet AI for Workspace or Microsoft 365 Copilot, it includes perceived and actual adoption benefits. In the form of an Insights Report our assessment is there to help leaders make a more informed decision about
If and where to invest in Duet AI for Workspace, and Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Contact us to see how our Impact Assessment can help evaluate the business impact of GenAI tools from Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

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