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Temporall’s digital workplace analytics enables companies to reduce unnecessary and disruptive meetings by 25%. And reduce growth-blocking collaboration silos by 50%.

Give your employees hundreds of hours back every single week, boost your collaboration and digital employee experience.

Goodbye guesswork. Hello intelligence.

Temporall enables you to continuously assess the usage, adoption and impact of your digital workplace tooling so you can realise the full transformational and economic value.

Discover the data-driven, actionable insights to empower real change that does good for you and your company.

Drive continuous improvement.

Get a continuous overview of how much time is spent in meetings across the whole organisation, how they’re distributed and their impact.

Deep-dive into the differences across departments, tenure, age, job role, and other demographics.

Protect against meeting fatigue.

Understand your culture of over-collaboration and its impact on meeting fatigue.

Collect the insights that signal meeting fatigue and highlight pockets of over-collaboration across your organisation to reduce disruptive meetings.

Enable inclusion. Without overworking.

Measure the demographic makeup of meetings to see the level of inclusion in key discussions. Understand representation across departments, gender, tenure, age, job title and more.

And ensure that relevant perspectives are heard and considered, leading to better outcomes and greater success for the business.

Better manage your team relationships.

Highlight the relationship between teams to enable more effective collaboration, communication and productivity.

Discover the meeting patterns that affect positive change and drive success by different demographics.

Read Maya's story

Maya, a data analyst employed by a fast-growing European fintech firm, works under the supervision of the company’s COO. Tasked with identifying operational inefficiencies within the organization, she and her team were under immense pressure to uncover opportunities for streamlining daily operations.

Despite leveraging existing survey data and gathering anecdotal evidence, Maya realized there was an inadequate amount of data to make informed decisions. Feeling lost, she recognized the company’s communication and collaboration culture was problematic, but lacked the data to pinpoint specific areas of inefficiency and silo formation.

Aware that she needed access to actual digital calendar and meeting data to understand collaboration patterns, Maya reached out to Temporall. She was relieved to discover that the platform could collect, analyze, and visualize a range of data points, such as the number of meetings, manager attendance, meeting duration, and representation in meetings.

With Temporall’s insights, Maya could better understand how work was being accomplished through meetings across the organization. This enabled her to eliminate unnecessary meetings, promote collaboration, and help enhance efficiency throughout the company.

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71% of executives say that meetings are unproductive and inefficient.

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Rethinking meetings can lead to 42% increase in collaboration

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Improving meetings can improve team performance by 28%

How does it work?


Connect your digital workplace tools to Temporall within minutes.


Apply access controls and data thresholds to protect employee privacy.


Generate workplace insights and analytics you can trust and act upon.

Temporall’s privacy-minded approach combines metadata from your digital workplace systems: messaging, collaboration, CRM and work management tools, to bring you unrivalled insights into your digital workplace.

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Contact Temporall for a personalized demo and see how we transform your Workplace data into actionable productivity gains.

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