Meet Sanj Matharu, Temporall’s ISV Partner Lead

Sanj Matharu – ex-Twitter Brand Strategy and Ecosystem Lead, Mobile technologies expert and House music enthusiast – joined Temporall at the end of 2020.

Here, he shares his experience of Temporall so far.

We are thrilled to introduce Sanj, Temporall’s first ISV Partner Lead. Sanj’s widespread experience in the tech world, acute knowledge of industry trends, and partnership growth and development make him a critical member of our expanding team.

Sanj has held a number of positions across the technology sector from engineering through to brand, sales and marketing at companies including Symbian (aka Nokia), Samsung, Vodafone and Twitter.

Now, he turns his attention to nurturing Temporall’s growing ISV Partner network.

Why did you choose Temporall?

I’d like to think I’m pretty good at spotting trends (not in fashion!), and the pandemic has really focused attention around working environments and how this affects business decisions and most importantly, people. This ‘future of work’ will encompass everyone everywhere and what stood out to me was how Temporall really understands the power of data in this world, and how to build a game-changing platform around it.

What’s the best thing about what you do?

I’m lucky enough to work with fun, super smart people AND an amazing platform. I’m learning new things all the time and my brain has had a great workout by the end of the day. Very much looking forward to having a pint with everyone when we’re allowed out again!

What impact do you see Digital Workplace Insights having on the way that work happens?

It’s been a challenging time and the way we work has changed forever. Being at the forefront of the future of work through data, technology and human insight is really exciting.

What excites you about the future of Temporall?

I think the ability for leaders to make decisions for their teams, wherever they may be and regardless of whether it’s on Slack, Workplace from Facebook, or Microsoft Teams is huge. With Organisational Intelligence, company decisions are made using real-time data, allowing for much greater insight. This means leaders can make smaller enhancements every day and that larger strategic plays can be made with a higher degree of accuracy. I’m confident that this combination of real-time data-driven insight, when compounded with human expertise, will lead organisations to greater chances of success.

Who’s your favourite DJ?

Frankie Knuckles (RIP)… no hang on, David Morales? Maybe MK, Roger Sanchez, EZ, Four Tet. Actually, Bonobo. But I can’t forget Tiefschwarz. Bicep?! There’s too many to mention. All of them and lots more!

Thomas Davies, Temporall CEO and Founder, says:

Temporall’s relationship with our ISV partners is hugely important and it’s fantastic to now have Sanj solely dedicated to success in that area. His experience is invaluable and I’m extremely excited to have him as a part of our exceptional team. Plus he’s made a shared Temporall Spotify playlist

Sanj joins a number of new hires in 2020, and a team that will see further expansion in the year ahead.

Contact Sanj directly to understand more about our ISV Partnerships – and playlist recommendations!

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