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Leisure operator delivers powerful employee experiences with Temporall

Temporall has helped us understand our teams’ experience of working at a level of detail we’ve not been able to explore before – this will help us continuously shape and improve the experience we provide for our team moving forward.

Head of Internal Communications


Post-pandemic engagement challenges

This leisure company works hard to keep its customers satisfied, safe and most importantly entertained. It’s no small task given that their 5000 employees welcome over millions guests a year across multiple sites.

This company recognised that their ability to deliver consistently great guest experiences is only possible when employees have an engaging and valuable experience too.

However, the pandemic brought a number of challenges to the company. It was facing high employee turnover. Yet the senior leadership team and local site leaders lacked the visibility on employee engagement, their changing culture, the adoption of new technologies and the experience of both frontline employees and those that work in a digital workplace to make effective strategic decisions to boost retention.


Analytics that drive real change

Since working with Temporall, the company has been able to continuously understand the employee experience across different locations and employee demographics (tenure, age, site location etc).

They gained granular insights the adoption and impact of their new company values across different sites and employee demographics, with Temporall’s employee experience survey, topic, sentiment and eNPS analysis.

As a result, local leaders are more aware of where the company culture is lived and where needs more attention. It has empowered them to solve problems in real-time, with local knowledge and key internal influencers, to optimise their time and effectiveness.

34% increase in eNPS

Decrease in negative topics

Employee turnover reduced





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