Introducing Google Workspace and Temporall

Temporall announces the availability of Google Workspace Analytics, a new integration for their multi-cloud workplace analytics platform.

Work has changed. Where it previously started and stopped within the four walls of the office, work now happens asynchronously across various messaging and collaboration tools in hybrid working environments.

These tools, Google Workspace, Slack, Microsoft 365, Salesforce etc., are the new digital workplace’ And they are just as important – if not more important – than our physical workplaces ever were.

The digital workplace is how teams connect, communicate, and get work done regardless of where they’re based or when they work.

For companies to thrive and win in this modern era of work, getting to grips with their digital workplaces is critical.

But it’s easy to overlook the digital workplace and dismiss its importance – and too often, traditional analytics techniques stand in the way of progress. Data is siloed, insights are inaccessible beyond the surface-level, and clarity is compromised.

Introducing Google Workspace Analytics from Temporall

At Temporall, we know the importance of understanding your digital workplace inside-out and appreciate the challenges that lie ahead for IT and Business Leaders.That’s why we’ve announced the availability of our latest integration with Google Workspace.

Google Workspace Analytics enables IT and business leaders to understand the impact of Google Workspace on their company and teams, to extract maximum value from their Workspace investment.

For the first time, Temporall’s Google Workspace Analytics offering delivers real-time data-driven insights into the adoption, usage and impact of Google Workspace and a new way to understand the digital workplace.

Introducing Google Workspace Analytics from Temporall

Thomas Davies, CEO & founder Temporall, says:

“During my decade at Google Cloud I worked with companies all over the world looking to deploy Google Workspace in order to improve their ways of working. Today, technology investments like Google Workspace have become so much more than a tool to improve work.

They’re now the digital workplace and are just as important - if not more important - than our physical workplaces. It’s how teams connect, communicate, and get work done regardless of where they’re based or when they work.

As we continue to navigate through this new era, it’s crucial that companies understand the usage and impact of their digital workplace, are able to pinpoint how and where to improve work, and maximise the value of their workplace technology investments.

Benefits of Temporall’s Google Workspace Analytics include:

Understand how collaboration happens
Use network mapping to visualise and analyse how teams work together. With company-wide, department, and team-level views, plus hundreds of filters, dive into where and how collaboration fosters innovation and greater productivity.

Tackle communication overload

Understand how effectively teams use Google Workspace and other workplace collaboration and communication tools. Visualise the impact that this has on working activity and out-of-hours work – and measure the resulting impact on employees.

Find out why winners are winning

Functional leaders know that some teams perform better than others. Yet understanding why they deliver better results can be difficult to measure beyond the subjective. Google Workspace Analytics, combined with performance metrics from CRM and Work Management tools, enables leaders to assess winning patterns of work.

Evaluate the impact of hybrid working

Analyse the impact of in-office, hybrid and remote work. Uncover the differences in collaboration and communications patterns, highlight silos, understand how different teams feel, measure team effectiveness, and more.

Gmail vs. other messaging tools

Many companies use Gmail alongside other messaging tools, for example Slack, Teams, or Chat. This can create information silos and put barriers in the way of collaboration. Measure the impact of Gmail vs. your other tools on communication patterns, the employee experience, and how work gets done.

Temporall’s multi-cloud approach

Companies now live in the digital workplace. Wherever and whenever employees work, the thing that keeps them connected is their digital workplace.

Temporall’s multi-cloud analytics platform enables companies to analyse the data from all of their digital workplace tools – not just Google Workspace.

This allows IT and Business Leaders to get a comprehensive depth and speed of insights into the usage and impact of the world’s most popular digital workplace tools. It enables a centralised 360° of the company, using data that already exists in Google Workspace, Slack, Microsoft Office 365 and more.

Interested in understanding the usage and impact of Google Workspace, so you can pinpoint opportunities for change?

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