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Global technology company chooses Temporall to assess digital readiness

With Temporall, we've been able to uncover insights and make recommendations that have been critical to helping our partners understand how they're set up to achieve their business goals.

Global Digital Transformation Executive


Visibility holding back progress in digtal transformation

This leading technology business launched an ambitious training programme aimed at empowering high-value partners to drive successful digital transformation initiatives. 

Each of the partners had their own unique and diverse challenges, goals and levels of digital-readiness. And the team lacked visibilty on each partner’s starting position, meaning that the design and leadership of the training programme was not reaching its full potential.

The training leadership team highlighted a number of gaps in their understanding of partners, including current digital maturity, existing skill levels among employees as well as organisational culture. The company’s ability to understand these key factors was seen as critical but a rapid and accurate way of approaching a data-driven digital transformation did not exist.


Finding the starting point for change

Temporall’s digital-readiness framework delivered powerful insights on the potential barriers and drivers for digital transformation amongst the technology giant’s target partners.

Temporall analysed business performance across five digital transformation themes: Vision and Leadership, Technology and Data, Culture of Innovation, People Operations, and Customer Obsession.

The results gave the customer and their clients an unbiased, data-driven perspective of their digital readiness that had previously been inaccessible. The insights delivered by Temporall ensured the training programme had real impact and unlocked issues and barriers to transformation.

Digital employee experience improved across all partners

93% of partners improved Technology and Data score within the first month

Effiency and speed of gaining insights into partners' digital-readiness improved





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