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E-commerce leader improves communication efficiency in Slack and boosts productivity

Temporall has helped us understand our teams’ experience of working at a level of detail we’ve not been able to explore before – this will help us continuously shape and improve the experience we provide for our team moving forward.

Head of Internal Communications


Slack scaling out of control

This e-commerce company works to ensure that they are constantly delivering exceptional experiences for their customers. With 10 million transactions each year, the team know that their internal ways of working need to be hyper productive and efficient.

However, the company was facing fundamental challanges with the way teams were working across their digital workplace, particularly in Slack and Gmail.

Slack Channels were sprawling out of control, employees were overwhelmed with the number of Channels, while some areas of the company were missing key communications.


Analytics to solve fundamental challenges

This forward-thinking company chose Temporall to understand how technology use and changing workplace policies were impacting the digital experience of their employees. This was ultimately impacting their ability to connect with customers and drive growth.

Temporall’s Slack activity analytics highlighted opportunities to retire Channels that were no longer needed or were duplicates. While with Network analysis, the company visualised commuinaction and collaboration silos that were driving employee isolation and causing bottlenecks.

1000's inactive Channels archived

Focus time increased by 30 mins

Notification activity reduced





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