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Data-driven insights enables global media agency to drive successful transformation

Temporall helped us make better and more informed decisions. Using insights from the platform, we have been able to improve alignment and cohesion of the leadership team around our strategic goals, while enhancing the understanding of our vision and values amongst employees.

Head of Strategy & Transformation


Gain employee buy-in for new vision and structure

The new CEO of a media agency sought help from Temporall to understand barriers and drivers of organizational performance before introducing his new global vision, strategy and transformation plan.

Before embarking on an ambitious and complex transformation programme to become a key player in the global market, the new CEO needed a rapid understanding of the challenges he faced. He approached Temporall for a data-centric approach to understanding employee alignment around his vision and levels of cohesion throughout the company.

Anecdotally employee performance and engagement levels were known to be poor – both had dropped during the pandemic and issues around fully remote work were considered to be the cause but no data existed to validate this.

Before embarking on a restructure it was vital that the leadership team create a strong group of change agents but there was little visibility on who were informal influencers, and could act as key change agents (positive) or disruptors.


Network of influencers increased engagement and change effectiveness

Insights delivered by Temporall showed that while the new vision had been communicated widely, it was not well understood and alignment was still poor. Engagement and productivity levels were inconsistent across business units and departments were highly dependent on individual manager to employee relationships.

The CEO and leadership team recognised that before embarking on a wide-scale transformation, which would include lay-offs, the company needed greater buy-in to the strategic goals and increased employee engagement.

A vital element of this approach was identifying a group of change agents at all levels and departments of the business who could communicate, champion and gain feedback. Using Organizational Network Analysis Temporall was able to identify key informal influencers who became highly effective change leaders and had a huge impact on the success of the transformation programme. Some of these employees had originally been targeted for redundancy until their levels of connectivity and influence were uncovered by network mapping.

The main phase of the transformation programme lasted 18 months and during this time employee levels of buy-in and commitment to the business were maintained despite the lay-offs, and unforeseen challenges caused by the pandemic.

Organizational alignment around vision and strategy

Identified network of influencers and champions

Increased levels of employee engagement and productivity


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