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Building stronger alignment with data-driven insights

Temporall's digital workplace analytics platform was at the core of our people strategy for 2022 and was key in helping us understand and improve people engagement and wellbeing through a very challenging year.

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Alignment challenges for a rapidly growing company

This Temporall customer is a rapidly growing digitial commerce solutions provider that prides itself on constantly innovating and perfecting its craft.

But as the company expanded over a short period of time, a number of challenges arose, including maintaining alignment and connection across their now hybrid teams and globally distributed workforce.

The leadership team elected to embark on a global transformation programme that centered on greater company alignment and collaboration. However, they lacked visibility on the current state of work, the usage and impact of their communications tool, Slack, and had no ability to measure change.


Establishing stronger global networks with data-driven insights

Since working with Temporall, this company has gained a greater understanding of how teams across the globe use Slack to drive alignment and stay connected with data-driven Network Analysis.

These advanced Slack connection insights were paired with employee pulse surveys to ensure the leadership team had a holistic view on how work gets done, how information is shared, where silos exist and any potential barriers to growth.

As a result, the leadership team was able to make more-informed strategic decisions, saw an increase in global Relationship Scores, stronger cross-functional and country collaboration networks.

20% increase in eNPS

5% increase in network participation

Stronger alignment across global network





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