Announcing Duet AI Analytics

Duet AI Analytics

Previously, we introduced the Duet AI for Workspace Assessment, a Temporall offering that helped Workspace customers understand the value of Duet AI. Now, we’re proud to announce Duet AI Analytics, a new Temporall SKU  – Duet AI Analytics – taking this assessment to the next level.

Why is this important? Workspace customers often ask – how much value does Duet AI truly bring?

Duet AI Analytics addresses this need by supporting key investment and enablement decisions.
We do this by measuring Duet AI adoption and licensing effectiveness, and generating a demonstrable Return on Investment (ROI) business case, that highlights both the tangible and intangible benefits.

How does it work? By harnessing millions of data points, hundreds of metrics, and the power of our analytics platform, Duet AI Analytics reveals critical insights into Duet AI’s impact. This includes:

  • Workspace adoption: Changes in the usage and utilization thanks to Duet AI.
  • Productivity: Time and cost savings facilitated by Duet AI.
  • Collaboration: Enhanced teamwork and collaboration with Duet AI.

Sanjay Patel, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Temporall;

“Temporall is leading the way in empowering customers to quantify the value of their AI-enabled workplace tools, including Google Workspace. Companies that are looking to harness AI to boost productivity and drive cost efficiencies can now prove the return they can expect”.

Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Benchmark your existing Workspace usage: sync 3 months of historical data to Temporall.
  2. Gain insights: Reports and dashboards compare changes in adoption, productivity, and collaboration between Duet AI users and non-users.
  3. Gather qualitative data: Conduct end-user surveys through our hosted Duet AI Survey tool.


  • Existing Temporall customers: March 1st, 2024.
  • New customers: Available March 1st, 2024, via utility licensing with a 60-day Licensing period.

Additional options:

  • Upgrade to Monthly or Annual subscription for continuous Duet AI measurement.
Duet AI Analytics empowers you to measure the true value of Duet AI. Contact Temporall today today to unlock its potential.

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