Strategic Planning

Gain clarity on strategic actions with Workbench
Leadership teams are leaving behind the static, tried and tested management practices of the past. To make decisions in rapidly changing environments, they need faster insights into the performance of their organisation. Workbench provides this organisational intelligence. It surfaces critical insights into your company’s performance using data from across your people and enterprise systems. It enables effective strategic planning for leadership teams, that is continuous and data-driven.

Bridge knowledge gaps

Complex workforce structures and multiple enterprise systems create gaps in your organisational awareness. By closing these, you understand where you are before making decisions.

More precise KPIs

With greater clarity, you can become more precise with your performance expectations and measurement – allowing appropriate targets and design initiatives to meet them.

‘Always on’ approach

Our continuous, real-time insights allow you to have an ‘always on’ approach to planning, making you adaptable to the changing environments your organisation will find itself in.
How does it work?
Our organisational intelligence platform Workbench collects and analyses structured and unstructured data – showing how work gets done most effectively and driving improvements in your organisational performance.
Using both A.I. techniques and data analytics, the platform delivers a continuous and aggregated understanding of a company’s data across multiple sources. This clear picture of the organisation allows Workbench users to analyse and develop high value insights, track changes across key performance indicators and develop better-informed strategic planning.

Workbench outputs

Workbench provides rich visualisation and discovery of data from across your company. Our platform brings you the clarity to help evaluate where you are and what you need to do next, brought into context by information contributed by your teams and key enterprise systems.
Workbench analyses your data to produce three key real-time outputs to aid your decision making: Reports, Dashboards, and APIs.

Business executives say 56% of the time spent on strategic planning is wasted 

Gartner, 2018

35% say they are either “not at all confident” or “not very confident” in their company’s ability to forecast demand

EY, 2020

49% of small and medium sized business owners failed to identify any KPIs in 2015

Temporall provides decision makers with the organisational intelligence they need to execute more successful strategic planning

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Get greater insight into your current strategy’s impact on your company performance and learn how to improve your planning for the future


Understand how well your organisational culture is supporting your strategy and how improving it can drive high performance


Establish a culture that encourages innovation and map the next steps for investing in the future


Identify the key risks to meeting your objectives and understand how your organisational culture can help mitigate them


Recognise how your current digital strategy is impacting your performance and how changing it can drive greater results


Gain clarity on how your organisation can improve its resilience to uncertainty and how you can best prepare for the future



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