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Digital Workplace Survey

New data shows that despite a shift to hybrid working as the norm and a digital-first approach to the workplace, employees remain a priority.

However many digital workplace leaders are struggling to get organisational buy-in and budgets for their initiatives.

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About the Digital Workplace Survey

Today, work predominantly happens in the digital workplace. The digital workplace is the collection of tools that are used day in and day out by employees to stay connected, communicate and collaborate, whenever and wherever they work.

While the concept of digital workplace has been around for a while, we’re just starting to see the emergence of new roles – even whole departments – dedicated to leading digital workplace initiatives.

Temporall is therefore leading a research project dedicated to understanding the evolution of the priorities of these teams and the challenges they face along the way.

Survey respondents were all in senior roles within the digital workplace function at their company. Some roles include Head of Future of Work, VP of Digital Workplace, Delivery Head of Digital Workplace, Global Head of Digital Workplace in HR, Digital Workplace Change Management Leaders and Digital Workplace Consultant.

Key findings snapshot

Building a better digital employee experience is the number one priority

Despite a shift to hybrid working as the norm and a digital-first approach to the workplace, employees remain a priority.

Almost 1 in 3 (29%) state that bettering the digital employee experience is their primary focus for their work in the digital workplace this year.

Resistance to change is holding back progress

36% say that organisational resistance to change is the biggest challenge that they’re currently facing in the implementation of digital workplace initiatives.

A significant number of respondents shared further insights into problems with lack of budget, ownership and their team’s bandwidth.

Change is far from over for digital workplace leaders

82% of respondents were currently working for organisations that worked part of time in the office and part of time remotely, also known as hybrid working.

However many stated that they expected the policies around hybrid working to continue to shift.

Of those that worked either primarily in the office or in a hybrid working set-up, 71% said that understanding the usage of their organisation’s office space may be an important part of the role either now or in the future.

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About Temporall

Temporall is the digital workplace analytics company. We exist to enable leaders to make intentional data-driven decisions about their people, technology and future – even as the environment shifts and new workplace challenges arise.

This new project is a result of the fascinating conversations we have with leaders about the digital workplace and the future of work.

While we are firmly in this new era of digital-first workplaces as the ‘new normal’, understanding of the evolving challenges and priorities across the globe is lacking.

So whether you’re responsible for digital workplace strategy, end-user applications, hybrid working policies, DEX, infrastructure or operations, we’d love to hear from you.

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