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Office 365 and Temporall

The digital workplace is the foundation of modern work, and for many, Microsoft 365 is the suite of tools that enables messaging and productivity for end users, regardless of location. Microsoft Viva Insights offers personalized insights and recommendations to end users to help them build better work habits. It is available to Microsoft customers under […]

What business outcomes does Temporall deliver?

Business outcomes

Digital Workplace The digital workplace is the foundation of modern work. It’s the set of tools and technologies that companies use to get work done, regardless of location. From email, calendaring to video conferencing, content editing and file sharing, they are essential for enabling companies to perform work with efficiency and effectiveness. Digital Workplace Analytics […]

How to tackle tooling inefficiency in your digital workplace

From Teams to Docs to Email then Slack and back again, the digital workplace is wildly inefficienct. When the pandemic hit, digital communication and collaboration tools became critical for businesses. Every day, employees would set up at their kitchen tables, bedroom side tables or home offices and choruses of “You’re on mute!” could be heard […]

4 key areas of the digital workplace that leaders must pay more attention to

The remote vs. office debate is over. Today, hybrid working is almost a done deal. But it would be impossible without the ‘digital workplace’ – the unsung hero of hybrid working. Slack, Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook have collectively become your digital workplace. It is where employees connect, communicate and get work done, wherever they […]

How to build your digital workplace analytics business case for success

Digital workplace analytics is new. It’s exciting. And it’s rapidly changing the way companies navigate the new era of work. It’s the process of collecting, analysing and interpreting data from various sources within a company on one centralised platform. This can include data from Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and other digital tools that employees […]

What’s the point of your office in a hybrid workplace?

Jazz Hanley explores the relevancy of your office in a hybrid working world. Back in July 2020, 82% of leaders were planning to allow employees to work in a hybrid working arrangement (Gartner). This figure is on the rise as both an office-based and digital presence at work becomes the norm. But when everything can […]

Unlock the secret to successful hybrid working

Understanding the impact of hybrid working and how work gets done in the hybrid era is seriously difficult. But digital workplace analytics hold the secret to successful hybrid working. The last two years have seen an unparalleled acceleration of digitalisation in the workplace. As the pandemic spread, so did the need for remote working solutions. […]

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