Introducing Firewood and Temporall Business Partnership

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Company, Industry, Partner

Temporall announces Business Partnership with change consultancy, Firewood.

Firewood is a capability-driven consultancy. Their mission is to increase clients’ potential to be faster, more adaptive and responsive to their customers’ needs. Central to the Firewood ethos is the desire to improve their clients’ ability to provide value to customers and shareholders, with precision and pace. To do so, Firewood utilises both their proprietary technology and external licensed tools to help clients with performance improvement planning, implementation and embedment.

As a Temporall Business Partner, Firewood will use Temporall’s organisational intelligence platform Workbench and its tools to amplify their services. They will be resellers of the Organisational Index and the Organisational Resilience Index – tools designed by the Temporall team that bring greater clarity to leaders.

Firewood’s use of our organisational intelligence platform will enhance their core service lines, which cover the key components of managing organisational change: strategy and startup; lead and deliver; review and recover; and assess and improve. The consultancy will then aid with practical initiatives, using key insights from Workbench and its integrations, to ensure that the changes made are meaningful and long-lasting.

Tayyab Jamil, Firewood Partner says:

“This partnership gives Firewood a truly unique ability to harness behavioural data and provide deeper insights into organisational capability, team dynamics and individual competence to increase delivery performance. Our mission is to help our clients, many of whom are heavily regulated, get faster at creating value for their customers. With Temporall’s Workbench platform we can visibly demonstrate how work is really done and how people feel about themselves, their co-workers and leadership. It therefore enhances our value proposition to implement practical improvement plans that fosters a culture of high performance.”

Thomas Davies, Temporall CEO and Founder adds:

“An organisation’s ability to enact change with both pace and precision is increasingly important. We are therefore excited to be working with Firewood – a change consultancy committed to helping clients improve their capabilities at the organisational, leadership and individual level. Firewood’s expertise combined with Workbench will allow the consultancy to deliver services with greater clarity and better-informed intelligence.”

To learn more about the indexes or Firewood services, contact Firewood or Temporall.

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