4 reasons Premium Partners choose Workbench.

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Workbench is Temporall’s organisational intelligence platform. It is a fully Cloud-based enterprise technology platform that can be licensed by Premium Partners to build and deliver products and service propositions. Using AI and Data Analytics, Workbench surfaces critical insights into a company’s inner-workings. The category-defining technology, when combined with a Partner’s expertise in their field, brings clarity to their clients performance and allows Partners to make high value, intelligence-led services.

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Here are 4 reasons Premium Partners choose Workbench.
1. Create industry solutions and intellectual property

Temporall Premium Partners design, build, and host new industry solutions and intellectual property on Workbench. These new propositions are developed to enhance existing consultancy expertise and deliver faster and clearer insights to your clients.

We draw upon our Partners’ years of experience in client services and Temporall’s leading team of data and behavioural scientists, business and data analysts, as well as organisational development and change management experts to help you develop your industry solutions.

Be it strategic advisory, culture change, innovation consulting, resilience, conduct or digital transformation – whatever your specialism, we can help you create compelling solutions that are underpinned by data.

TCC CEO Mike Park says:

“This platform will add immense value to the expert guidance we already supply by providing usable intelligence on a depth and scale the industry has never seen before.”

2. Real-time data driven insights

Workbench is a digital platform that gives Partners rapid and data driven insights.

Using the platform, Partners can transform existing analogue and offline tools into contemporary ‘always on’ digital propositions. We enable this by connecting Workbench with many of the world’s most popular and widely used workforce-enhancing tools, such as Slack, Teams, Google Cloud and Workplace by Facebook.

These integrations help Partners see a full picture of their client’s organisation. Workbench unifies the fragmented data from across a client’s teams and enterprise systems, which in-turn brings them greater clarity on an organisation’s performance. Workbench helps Partners utilise their clients greatest untapped resource: data.

MMT Digital Co-founder James Canning says:

“Any company that is serious about their digital transformation will benefit from the way it combines quantitative and qualitative data, AI-based sentiment analysis and an understanding of unstructured conversations within the organisation.”

3. Remote services

Premium Partners can monitor the factors that impact their clients’ performance with Workbench. It gives Partner’s teams access to otherwise siloed information so they can truly understand where their clients are, what they need to do next and in what order – all as a remote service.

In a world where remote working has accelerated to the front and centre of many companies’ new strategy – whether planned or forced – it is essential for leaders to find a way that their organisation can thrive without compromising their quality of service. Workbench helps leaders do this. The platform is ideally suited to meet the needs of consulting companies by providing the infrastructure and richness of data to help deliver more precise and high impact results, while giving back time.

Take a look back at our See Through The Crisis series to read our advice on developing a more resilient organisation that’s ready to take on the ‘new normal’ as it emerges.

4. Increase customer lifetime value

Temporall Partners are in the unique position of using Workbench to disrupt the status quo and build a new category of consulting. Workbench has been designed to support the needs of Partners throughout the whole client lifecycle.

Premium Partners can benefit from using Workbench to generate sales, on-board and manage their clients from a single unified platform. Our B2B2B model supports the need for Partners to manage the end-to-end experience.

Workbench has a powerful approach that supports our Partners’ monetisation strategy by allowing for both project-led delivery and by offering managed services. From higher conversion rates to enabling services as annual recurring revenue streams, Workbench helps our Premium Partners increase their customer lifetime value.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Temporall Premium Partner, then visit our Workbench for Partners page on our website or contact us directly here.

Our blogs highlight a number of partnership announcements where you can read about the type of solutions Temporall Premium Partners are currently developing.

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