The Culture Workbench

Our team of Executive Advisors, Expert Practitioners, academics and industry experts know what outstanding looks like - not just to succeed in today’s market, but also to remain resilient and attentive to future disruptive opportunities and threats. Our team has pioneered a unique platform, Temporall’s Culture Workbench.

The Culture Workbench includes the Culture & Innovation Index (CII), a proprietary framework for assessing the key attributes needed to design an organisation that is fit for the future. We index and benchmark your culture in four core areas: People, Leadership, Organisation and Technology. Based on this we generate your organisation’s Culture Performance Score (CPS): an indicator of where you are today and what you need to prioritise to achieve your desired organisational culture. The Culture Workbench is a sophisticated dashboard that has quantified the value and performance of organisational culture.

As part of the suite the Culture & Innovation Index will systematically question an individual’s position plotted along these four areas of examination.

Powered by our Machine Learning algorithm, the CII then creates an output to PLOT your position of where you are now and identifying the gaps of where you want to be. While other products may only focus on HR analytics, the Culture Workbench investigates systems, processes, leadership, organisational structure, and the financial impact.

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Employee License

Employees complete the Culture & Innovation Index to generate the organisation’s Culture Performance Score (CPS).

Product Features include:

  • Secure and anonymous
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Average response time is 17 minutes
  • Quantitative and qualitative input
  • High value and low cost/competitively priced

Individual employee data is rolled up into the Studio for a full organisational snapshot.

£20.00 per employee per year
Professional services
Professional services

Temporall Services Organisation

The team at Temporall will help you design, set-up and deliver the Culture and Innovation Index (CII) and analyse the results through the Culture Workbench. We have communications experts, learning & development practitioners and organisational design (OD) and change management expertise to support you on all aspects of your project.

Services include:

  • Capture of key Culture Performance Indicators to measure ROI of Culture and to meet regulatory responsibilities
  • Scoping of client specific requirements for Culture & Innovation Index (CII)
  • Customise, translate (if needed) and configure CII
  • Integration of existing client data into Temporall Studio
  • Design and execution of communications plan to support introduction and implementation of CII, and roll-out of results
  • Generate Culture Performance Score (CPS) and detailed analysis
  • Culture byDesign Workshop
  • Bespoke recommendations and action plan
  • Project assets including infographic

Temporall’s professional services team includes data scientists, communications experts, learning & development practitioners and organisational design experts who will guide you through your CII project end-to-end.

Custom Pricing
Temporall cii dashboard responsive mockup v2
Temporall cii dashboard responsive mockup v2

Studio in Beta

Designed for administrators and practitioners, the Studio is where the CII is configured, new surveys are cloned or created, subscription, users and licenses are administered.

The Studio subscription allows users to select, configure and monitor their measurable Culture Performance Indicators, to enter core financial data, to configure their CII as well as track their organisation's Culture Performance Score (CPS).

Product Features include:

  • Set-up and configuration of the Culture & Innovation Index (CII)
  • Attribution index weighting for algorithms and Machine Learning
  • Capture of key financial data
  • Delivery of actionable recommendations to improve the ROI of Culture
  • Studio analytics and reporting
  • Fully extensible to copy, create and clone the CII
  • Select from 10 Culture Performance Indicators to track and measure your ROI
£1,000 per Studio User per year

All access points of the Culture Workbench are based through secure cloud-based delivery. The data inputs are protected through encryption, data protection and industry leading security. The Culture Workbench is built on Temporall’s proprietary Machine Learning platforms and advanced data analytics.

Interested in the Culture Workbench?

If you want to start using our Culture Workbench please send us a message using the form at the bottom of the page.

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